Managing Your Customers

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Before using Magento Commerce to create accounts for customers or telling customers how to set up their own accounts, customer settings should first be created. To begin this process, go to System, then Configuration and select the tab in the left column labeled “Configuration.”

Although there are several ways to create customer accounts, the most popular method is to allow the customer to go through the process themselves. It is also possible, however, to create a new customer account in the administrative setting. To create a new account in the administrative setting, so to Customers, Manage Customers, and click Add New Customer, located in the page’s top right corner. While creating a new customer, you will be given the choice to select which customer group the customer will be placed in. If you check the “send welcome email” during the customer-creating process, an e-mail will be sent to the customer after the account is created. As far as the password is concerned, you can check the password checkbox, and password will be automatically generated for the customer. This password will be included in the e-mail the customer will receive.

In regards to setting up customer groups, each customer with an account in your store may be placed into one of these groups. Generally, the groups help in the application of other Magento features when they apply to a group of people. This ability is particularly useful, whether you’re trying to allow only certain customers to use features of the stores or if you’re trying to assign Customer Tax Classes.

To create a customer group, go to Customers, Customer Groups, and click on Add New Customer Group at the top right corner of the page. Under “group name,” input the name of the customer group. A tax class should also be assigned. The tax class tab will list tax classes you have already created and these classes are not assigned to individual customers, but they are assigned to customer groups. After these classes have been assigned to the proper groups, they will also be assigned to members of these groups as a whole.

Once customer groups are set up, customers may be assigned to them by going to Customer, Manage Customers. Whenever a customer creates an account, they will appear under the customer group designated by you, but to reassign a customer, find the customer and click “edit” in the “action” column. Go to the Account Information tab to the left, and then select a new customer group in the drop-down menu. Magento also allows for the filtering of features to only apply to designated groups.

To make batch updates for customers, which allows you to change settings to multiple customer accounts at a time, go to Customers, Manage Customers, then choose which customers to which the change should apply. When the proper customers are selected, a preferred action may be chosen from a drop-down menu, located at the top of the list of customers.

Please view our Magento Showcase to see some examples of online Web stores that we have completed for our clients.