Magento Google Checkout Intergration

Lengthy checkout processes frustrate online shoppers who then frequently abandon their shopping baskets. When your store accepts Google Checkout, your customers need not to be among them. The purchasing information of every Checkout user is stored in a single account, so they can buy from you by simply providing their username and password.

When compared to non-Checkout users Google Checkout customers are 40% more likely to convert than a visitor that hasn't used the service before.

Now you can add the Google Checkout badge to your AdWords ads, which highlights your store and tells potential customers that shopping with you will be convenient and secure.

Existing Checkout users click on ads displaying the Checkout badge 10% more than non-users, meaning more traffic to your site.

Our client requested that we integrate both Google Checkout and Paypal.

We found that many customers complained about us only offering Paypal as a method of payment. Since adding Google Checkout we have seen a steady increase in sales and conversions from new on-line visitors. We now feel we have all bases covered regarding our shopping cart process. Our customers now feel comforted that they are paying with reliable safe payment gateways.
Jason Lee, Managing Director, Oolongteashop

Google Checkout merchants can sell with complete confidence. Checkout proactively identifies and filters out fraudulent transactions and under our Chargeback Resolution policy, Google evaluates all chargebacks you receive and, whenever possible, fights them on your behalf.

Some transactions are also covered by our Payment Guarantee policy: if you get a chargeback on an eligible transaction and give us all requested documentation and information within 10 days of the request, we will reimburse you within a week.