Proper Job

2bebrave represents web development and digital marketing. With a specialism in Magento (a powerful, open source eCommerce platform) and Joomla (a powerful, open source CMS). Our skills and experience also encompass a broader range of services from small brochure sites and website maintenance to SEO and application development. We can help you explore the most suitable and effective ways to express your ideas and conduct your business on the internet. Finding tailored solutions to unique problems requires experience, knowledge and creativity; this is our bread butter.

How its done

First we like to get to know you and the details of your project, a good working relationship is the foundation of everything we do. At the coalface we like to use open source technologies such as PHP, Linux and Wordpress. We work to the standards set out by the W3C and follow the accessibility guidelines recommended by the WCAG. We are steeped in the best practices for modern web design, relishing the wholesome ingredients of solid XHTML, elegant CSS, assistive javascript and sane usability.

Social Media

2bebrave begun its life developing applications for Facebook and Bebo, which means we’ve accumulated significant knowledge and experience not only in the specifics of these burgeoning platforms, but also in the new world of the, so-called, Web version 2.0.

The Web 2.0 paradigm is famously characterised by user-generated content; no longer is the Internet merely a read-only medium where content is created by an elite minority. The implications of this profound shift in Internet usage has many repercussions for the creator of web sites; not only have the technologies multiplied and advanced, but it has become a necessity to possess an awareness of the dynamics and subtleties of social interactivity, especially in the unprecedented form of online communities.

We offer services from development of simple viral applications, to full-blown bespoke online communities. However, there is a sense in which we bring Web 2.0 to everything we do, so significant has this new paradigm become that its influence cannot help but be felt by every aspect of online presence. Online marketing is increasingly being led by the trends of such Web 2.0 phenomena as; blogs, comment streams, social bookmarking feeds, Twitter retweets and Facebook fan pages. So even if your web presence is a one page, non-interactive brochure site, the tides of social networking can still make or break your success.