Understanding how to get your website best placedin the SEARCH Engines

ORGANIC is such a cool buzz word and most of the important aspects of Search Engine Optimisation relates to Organic Search.  Visits for websites from Search Engines can amount to 60% of a sites traffic and 80-90% of this alone can be Organic Search (the other 10-20% being Paid).  What do we mean by Organic?  Well unpaid clicks to your website from a listing with in a search engine.

2bebrave deliver websites that are already optimized for organic. You can see the 'basics' links below to understand what I try and do.  It is also important to understand the structure of the site and the analysis of traffic to conclude how the site could do better at Search.

Another aspect of search relates to advertising management or more commonly known as Pay Per Clicks (PPC).  This can be completed through a range of channels but the majority of which would be related to Google Adwords and the campaigns with in AdWords.