Anchor text/Link Text

Anchor text/Link Text, be it internal links with the site or external links is probably the most important aspect of SEO.

Internally, with in the website, every link to another page should be linked as a key word.  What do we mean by this?  If you are linking to page that say is describing 'plumbing'.  Every link to that page be it from with in your site or externally should be using the text 'plumbing' as its link.  What should shouldn’t use is "click here" or "more information" or "this page"!  This link text is called Anchor Text, and the more keyword heavy your anchor text can be the better the chance of listing high for that keyword.

Make sure that with in the site there keyword rich copy (the anchor text) across the whole site. 

You should also breakdown the content and structure of the site so that keywords are related heavily to a certain content page.  If you are only into 'plumbing' then your site should include this keyword through out all the content pages but really be heaviest at the homepage.  If your trade is say 'heating and plumbing' then this is where your anchor text can differentiate the pages which Google wants to show their user.  The 2 keywords being 'heating' and 'plumbing'.

A final note on Anchor text.  If you are linking building with partners or pushing links out on to authoritive sites, blogs, press releases, and news items, make sure that your links are keyword related.  If you can try not to get your company linked but get the items (hence the keywords) you are promoting links.