Title Tags

Title Tags are what appear at the top of the browser when you are viewing a website.  More importantly title tags are what appear in a search engine results as the link text.

There are a few things to mention about Title Tags.  First off you should make sure they contain the keyword of the page that they are on.  Title tags should, if possible, be made to be unique throughout the site.  Unless you have identical content on 2 pages, your titles should not be the same.  If you can also make sure that your keywords with in the title tag are further to the left than the right.  Why?  Well there is no proof but it is believed that there is more weighting if the Keywords in the title tag are closer to the start of the title description.  In the West (not West Country, Western world) we read from left to right.  There is a good chance that the programmers in Google process titles from left to right.  This can be backed up with the way the Title tags are shown in search results.